I just wanted to say that Damien Stone is the BEST trainer I’ve ever run across.  I injured my back over 30 years ago in the military.  I’ve had two back surgeries to repair herniated discs but was never able to fully recover from those surgeries, the last one occurring in 2001.  I was using a cane and was unable to sit up for longer than two or three hours.  I could not enjoy attending my children’s school activities because I was in too much pain.  I figured I was destined for a wheelchair.  Then my husband, who was training at Stonehard Boxing, literally dragged me in to see Damien Stone.  I resisted because I had been to so many different trainers and gyms and all had eventually re-injured my back.  Well, I was astounded.  Not only have I regained full use of my body, I don’t even think about my back or worry about it in the slightest.  I do everything and anything I want to do.  I can run, hike, cheer my son at his track meets, and work a full day to tiredness and my back is FINE.  Damien has never injured my back.  He has helped me when I was convinced there was no help for me.  I even brought my sister from Arkansas out to see him.  She is a recovering cancer patient, and she has also had back surgery for herniated discs.  Damien worked with her for about five weeks before she had to return home, and he never once injured her.  She was amazed that she could have a workout that actually tired her out without hurting her back in any way.  She regained noticeable muscle before her return home.  We plan on having her back out every so often to be re-evaluated and given a new workout plan so that she may regain her life just as I have.  I am still training with Damien, and I don’t plan on stopping.  If you want a rehabilitation specialist, see Damien Stone.  You won’t regret it.
– Barbara P