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As part of my training experience, I understand that I will be asked to perform various exercises to evaluate and improve physical fitness. I understand that someone representing STONE HARD FITNESS will administer these exercises. I am also aware that the performance of exercises and routines are used to benefit my health and well being.


I understand that I am free to ask any question about any exercise I performed during my session. If for any reason I am unable to perform a particular exercise, I will inform my training instructor. There are certain risks associated with any fitness program. These include, but are not limited to, shin splints, muscle strains, sprains, fractures, swellings and dislocations. There are also risks and rare cases, heart attacks, stroke or death. Every effort will be made to minimize these risks by evaluation of preliminary information relating to my health status and by observation of symptoms during exercise. Because my health status can directly affect my safety during exercise, I will disclose any health problems to my trainer. My trainer may use physical contact to correct my form for purposes of safety. I will promptly report any feelings of discomfort or pain associated with a test or exercise to my trainer.


Throughout this experience I will be required to share my health assessments with representatives of STONE HARD FITNESS. However, information about me will not be disclosed to anyone other than an Emergency Room without my written permission. My enrollment and consent to participate in this training experience is voluntary and I realize that I am free to withdraw from any exercise or test at any time for health reasons. If I have any further questions regarding this type of training, I may call Damien Stone at 602.751.0030 and leave a message.