Team Captian

Dante D. Stone

Team Captian:

My name is Dante D Stone. I have lived in Arizona since i was three years old. I started boxing with my father Damien Stone at the age of eight. I seemed to have an affinity for the sport. I was the only child in my dad’s boxing program for 18 months. After i turned 10 I participated in my first ametuer boxing match and lost by T.K.O. After that I trained with my team mates abd we took our first Golden Gloves tournament.

I am now 22 years old and getting ready for my professional debut and a great boxing career to follow. Boxing is more than just working hard and cutting weight. Boxing is an art; more specifically, a way of life. In order to suceed at boxing you need to treat it like a full time job. You have to give your life to the sport to make anything out of it.