Head Coach


Head Boxing Coach:
My name is Damien A Stone. I have lived in the East Valley suburbs of Phoenix Arizona since 1997. Most of my residence is spent here in Chandler. I have been a personal trainer in the Phoenix area since 1999. One of my philosophies is that the more I know about a client, the easier it is to train them to reach their goals. The more you know about me, the more certain you are that you chose the right trainer to help you reach your goals.

I was born in Chicago in 1974, and Damien Stone is an avid Bears, Bulls and White Sox fan. I admit to only following the Sox sparingly. My first year in college was spent at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana, where although I was an Aeronautical engineering major, I was introduced to Kinesiology and Human Anatomy. I then spent the next four years in the United States Air Force. I am a true Veteran and support all veterans wholeheartedly.

When I moved to Arizona, I tried out many different jobs before I settled into the one that I love. I’ve been a Medical Technologist, CNA, Rehab Specialist, DNA Technologist, and Physical Therapist Assistant. None of these jobs gave me fulfillment, so I decided to focus on personal training, and moved into teaching boxing. I started Stone Hard Fitness in 2000 after working for 24hr Fitness for two years. By 2005 it developed into Stone Hard Boxing, and in 2009 Damien Stone founded Impact Youth Sports as a way to help disenfranchised children.
Education and Experience

I have had many certifications over the years: ACE NASM ACSM and CSCS. I have a bachelors and Masters from Arizona State University in Exercise Physiology. I currently have 20 years’ experience in training people with all types of conditions and injuries. I have trained those that are at an elite athletic level. I have been very successful training people that are considered morbidly obese. Many of my people come to me with special conditions. Special conditions include but are not limited to: diabetes, low back pain, cancer, Parkinson’s, autism, joint injuries, and these just scratches the surface. I continue to this day to work with patients and clients with all types of issues.