Before we tell you how we are going to make you the top boxer around  we would like to answer a very common question.

Is Boxing Safe:

Excellent question! This is a question that any self-respecting parent/guardian should definitely ask. It is important to us that you understand how much we are concerned about the safety of your child. Amateur boxing can also provide an excellent means of conditioning for the high school athlete during the off season. It is the ideal sport for youngsters who are not involved in a school sports program or isn’t attracted to team sports.

Amateur boxing ranks 71st among amateur sports for injuries. Sports such as wrestling, diving, gymnastics, and even badminton are ranked above it. There are countless precautions and safety measures taken at every level to protect the athlete. Amateur boxing is possibly the most regulated and supervised sport of any amateur competition. It requires weigh ins and physicals before each math. Another physical exam is done after each bout.  Also, the equipment used in competition must meet rigorous specifications set down by the USA/Boxing. All boxers are required to wear protective equipment including gloves, headgear, mouthpieces, groin protectors, and in the event of a female bout, chest protectors. Even the padding in the rings has to meet defined specifications.

As you can see, amateur boxing takes great steps to insure that when your child is here, we are doing everything possible to protect them.



We will work to bring out your full potential as a member of Stone Hard Boxing. Under the Care of our head coach Damien Stone and team captain Dante Stone, we promise to do everything in our power to help you achieve victory. But we expect the same from our boxers.